About Us

connectLIB is a community portal designed to promote and facilitate commerce; plan and manage social events within the global Liberian Community. We provide one of Africa's leading online news and information delivery platforms. Our headquarters are located in the U.S. and our reporting agencies are the leading newspaper companies in Liberia and the Diasporas.


Community Economic Empowerment:

The platform enables Liberians and friends of Liberians world-wide to collaborate online and leverage the economic power of the Liberian Community globally.  We aim to enhance our economic standing in the world by promoting trade and commerce within our Community.


Event Planning and Management:

This platform enables individuals and organizations to plan their events and manage all aspects of the event online; including electronic event program guide generation, communications with the event guests during and after the event or program.  The platform enables the event planner to communicate directly with the event guests through their smartphones and tablets.  The platform also enables event planners and their guests to generate and upload photos of the event to the event photo library to be shared with the Liberian Community world-wide. 


Daily News Dissemination:

We receive timely news feeds from our affiliate news reporting agencies in Liberia and the Diaspora. connectLIB relies heavily on real-time news feeds that emanate from Liberia’s leading news agencies and news reporting organizations in the Diaspora:

To prevent publication of “fake news”, our Editorial Director approval is required prior to publication, each news feed undergo editorial reviews. All incoming news feeds are rated “Credible”, “Questionable” or “Fake” and disclosed accordingly.



connectLIB mobile platforms are powered by Apple iOS and Android technologies. With connectLIB mobile services, you can read up-to-the-minute news stories with color photos, streaming video, the latest video On-demand news snippets, and receive connectLIB breaking news text alerts. No matter where you are in the world, connectLIB brings news, community events, social and political events directly to you.