The ruling party in Liberia accuses the President and the Elections commission of manipulating the elections

Monrovia, 29 Oct. 17  – The ruling Unity party in Liberia, the All Liberian Party of former Charles Taylor’s confident Benuni Urey and the LP of Charles Brumskine on Sunday accused the President of Liberia and the elections commission of manipulating the first round of election.

   “President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had a meeting with some commissioners of the NEC at her private residence before the holding of elections. This is against the electoral lasws.” Wilmont Paye, Secretary General of the ruling Unity party told journalists.

   According to Wilmont Paye the president seems not to be preoccupied by “the numerous fraud displayed during the first round of elections.”

   “Before the polls and throughout the campaigning period we raised alarms about what was becoming direct interference with the electoral process by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who any reasonable mind would have thought should by now be preoccupied with allowing a reasonable transitional process, the first since 1944, when Edwin James Barclay stepped down for William Tubman, although William Tubman will himself later cling on political power for three decades.” Wilmont Paye said.

Feb 20 2018 - 11:00